Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sitting at my desk...

Today I was watching people out of the window as I live on the third floor and my desk is in a huge bay window. The view is quite distracting sometimes as I can see Arthur's Seat off to the right and it always looks so impressive. Today it was hungover by fog and it seemed bigger than it usually does- dominating the skyline. The schoolkids really annoy me. The school is at the end of my road and they are really loud, but not in a children-innocently-playing kind of way. More like screaming out swearwords just to irritate people and throwing litter all over the street even though there are loads of bins. The last time I ever dropped litter was when I was eight years old. I remember eating a sweet and dropping the paper, but then I started to think "who will pick it up?". My responsibility suddenly hit me and I scooped it up and put it in my pocket. Since then I have never EVER left litter anywhere.

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