Friday, September 29, 2006

Business Gateway

I've been reliably informed that my posters have been spotted in Glasgow! Well here they are anyway. If you haven't seen it already I've just re-built my website so please take a look.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Riding under the influence

A 'cowboy' rode his horse into a number of bars in the German town of Geseke whilst drunk. He was eventually arrested and his horse spent the night in the police stable.

Another animal encounter!

Okay, according to the news Zhang Xinyan, a construction worker, drank four pints of beer and then climbed into the cage of Gu Gu, a seven-year-old panda, at Beijing Zoo. He then attempted to hug Gu Gu and was rewarded with a bite on the leg. He responded with equal force but failed to get his teeth through the panda's thick fur. A zoo worker used a hose to seperate the pair with jets of water. Zhang claimed to have seen panda's being hugged on TV. He will be off work for a month recovering from his injuries and Gu Gu is off his food.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A brief look at the news headlines...

And I came upon this beauty yesterday. Apparently the groom was caught in an intimate position with said goat and a group of officials decided that this was the correct course of events. He paid the animals owner a dowry and both he and the goat haven't been seen since. I actually thoroughly approve of this logical outcome!

Lemmings Don't Leap!

I forgot to mention that I received a copy of a book I drew images for the cover for a few weeks back. It is called 'Lemmings Don't Leap' and is a collection of '180 Myths, Misconceptions and Urban Legends Exploded'. Well worth a read actually!

Monday, September 11, 2006

CBBC Website

Busy day today creative-wise. My image 'Breakout' went up on the CBBC website today so take a look!

If you live in London...

...go see my work which will be part of the exhibition at Magma Books...

Before we officially go live at on Tuesday 3rd October, a month long exhibition of NOISE artwork will begin at Magma on 27th September, in collaboration with media partner, Grafik Magazine, the leading journal of the best in international graphic design. A selection of graphic design, photography, illustration, film and fashion talent will be on display at Magma’s London store on Theobald’s Road, between Clerkenwell and Holborn.

It is due to run from 26th September until 29th October.

Just an excuse to draw a woolly mammoth...

Woohoo, book finally finished and going to print this week. I've had an idea for another one though and am beginning work on that. I'm off back to college on September 28th to do my Masters. Hopefully being able to dedicate my entire days to my artwork I'll be able to experiment more and get some personal work done. It'll be fun learning to balance my paid work with my studies and I look forward to the challenge!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Today's efforts...

The image of the animal band was something that came to me last night as I lay in bed. It has been a while since I had the time to indulge in a bit of drawing for myself. I've had a lot of work on- but I'm not complaining mind you!

I've just finished three posters for Business Gateway that should be going up on buses, taxis and giant posters. I'll post them here once they're sorted.

The other image is something I'm working on for the CBBC 'What's Your Picture Story?' competition. It is for younger children who write in with stories about what is happening in the picture. I hope they use it as I'd love to hear some different interpretations of my work!

Next week will be all about my book. We're starting on the final layout and going to press pretty soon!