Thursday, October 20, 2005

But I have nowhere to keep it.

I'm not sure about the text on this one, the wording seems clumsy and difficult to read. I may have to redo it if I want to use it.

Another potentially fascinating fact. There is also a suggested fact that a duck's quack doesn't echo, which is not true. Why would that be? Some people will believe anything...


And it shows more on some people! I heard this on the radio and I can't vouch 100% for its accuracy but it sounds like something that could be true.

Okay, now this is a character I am developing with hopes of making a book *I pause here to make the point that all images on this site belong to me and I have sole copyright on all ideas and drawings*. So far I have had some interest but nothing definite...

And now there were two

Having shown one it would now be unkind not to display the other. This is Charlie, A.K.A. Mousie, peeping out of her sandbox. I never intended to keep chinchillas and I have somehow ended up with two. They are fantastic pets but take a lot of care and need knowledgable owners. Never buy a pet without knowing what you are in for- these two create havoc in our home and have a lifespan of upto fifteen years!

I made a promise

to myself, no photos on this blog. But I can't resist a quick pic of one of my little ladies. This is Holly wondering what on earth I am doing in her cage first thing in the morning.

More from me

Most of my work is motivated by things that I hear that inspire me, often odd bits of conversation or bizarre "that can't be true" facts. In the light of current events I find the thought of there being more chickens than people fairly worrying. I'm also attracted to timescales, the average human lifespan is said to be 720,000 hours. When put into perspective it makes you wonder just how important is what you are doing right now? But then life is about the boring bits in between the periods of excitement is it not?

My Work

I thought I would put a few of my more recent pieces up for people to see. I've just recieved notice that some of my images will be used for a bookcover- my first piece in print! I'm a relatively new illustrator in some senses but I've been drawing since I was first able to hold a crayon....

My Desk

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Okay, I'm new to this and not too sure what I'm supposed to be doing. I'm sitting at my desk in Edinburgh, U.K. watching my chinchillas sleeping peacefully and listening to BBC Radio 2. In a minute I'm going to stir myself to cook some soup and learn Flash so I can animate my drawings.