Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I just went shopping...

And I bought loads of paper samples to draw all over as the college shop has run out of my favourite paper! Seriously- it's a tragedy. It takes me years to find paper I like and they just stop stocking it and nobody (including me) knows what it was. I used my last sheet of it to do the drawing of the horse.


Kim said...

I love this elephant. I want it on a t-shirt. :D You have a very clean style that i love.

starbender said...

Love the art work!

m.b said...

I really love your interpretations!
I love seeing a successful integration of illustration and text.

And some of these really would make great tee shirts! Have you heard of Threadless.com? You can submit your designs and if it's chosen they'll print it. I've never done it, but they have some really imaginitive designs - I think yours might fit in:


Vicki Gausden said...

Thanks guys. I'll check out that site and maybe you will be able to get a t-shirt with it on one day Kim!