Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Parking is a nightmare...

Partly because of the school but mostly because of commuters ditching their cars on our street (its free parking) and taking the bus into the city. I wish they wouldn't do this because a lot of families live round here and I feel sorry for all the parents struggling with buggies and small kids who have to park miles away from their house. I have a car but I rarely use it because I worry about getting a space when I return. I also don't need to because Edinburgh is a fairly small city and most distances are walkable. We use it once a week to do the shopping (and take friends too) and this Christmas we are driving it home. Think of me on December 10th because I will be on a 7.5 hour drive with two chinchillas and a guy who hates Christmas tunes (I love them and its my car....).

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