Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thinking of Father's Day...

Just an idea I was kicking around with as I tried to think of images for Father's Day. My Dad used to do this with Scalectrix. He'd buy us the track and the cars and spend ages setting it up just so he could play with it. He did the same with the lego except he'd let us play- he'd just keep the best pieces as he was making a spaceship or moonbuggy. Nowadays he doesn't have us as an excuse so he buys Dinky toys because they are 'collectable'. Awww, bless.

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Anonymous said...

The Scalectrix was for you but you were so dangerous with anything electrical it was safer for me or you brother to set it up !

Lego is for building cars and spaceships etc Not horses and farms (Ask any boy).

Dinky cars .........of course they are collectable!!! Hrumph!