Monday, August 13, 2012

Roughs & Finals

I thought I'd just share a little look at my working process with you today. Here's an example of one of my rough pieces and of the final artwork. I normally start with a sketchbook and pen to rough out the elements of a piece and the key characters (these look like crazy scribbles and I rarely share them with my clients!). I then work with a digital pencil to create a fairly neat file to send through to the client for approval and feedback. Once we've worked through any changes I move into colour, keeping a layered file in case there are any further adjustments or colour tweaks at a later stage. This example is a commission from ToucanBox, which I'll be popping up on my website when I get a chance to update it!

1 comment:

karumina said...

El proceso es lo que más me gusta, a veces mientras veo cómo va surgiendo el personaje y cómo va cobrando "vida", descubro que tiene personalidad propia, y eso me hace reir mucho!!!