Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Look Website

Hello All! Hope you like the look of my new website. If you arrived here from somewhere else go to and take a wee peek. As ever comments and suggestions are most welcome.


Simon Newton said...

I'm liking that new layout - I think it works better as a showcase, personally. Nice to see the (recently re-branded) Counting Fox in pride of place; he always seems to me to have a very determined look upon his face. :o)

Olly said...

ooo! I like!

I like the title masthead and the navigation bit. Much better than just images.

The background is a bit "repeaty"

Oh and clicking on the top "Vicki Gausden" bit goes to a 404 page! I think it should be index.htm instead of index.html

Vicki Gausden said...

Ooops, shouldn't be a link there. Btw I'm a little confused at the difference between html and htm. Anyone care to enlighten me?

P.S. Thanks Olly I'll get that sorted.

Simon Newton said...

I don't know why the difference, they both mean the same thing (this file contains html). But it's always best to stick with one convention throughout, obviously - I don't know why but I always prefer making pages as .html

Anonymous said...

Vix you may find that .htm is the file type associated with HyperText mark-up Language (HTML). The convention is that file extensions can only have 3 letters after the . delineator. like word.doc and the old dos autoexec.bat.