Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Diet time for ponies...

Now this irritates me. Ponies are generally quite round and robust, it is part of their charm. My Little Ponies used to be cute, round little beasties with big eyes. These days they have legs up to their armpits and a nipped in waistline. They look more like gangly foals than ponies, why oh why? Is it not even acceptable for a toy to be curvaceous?


Nick said...

My Little Ponies have always been skinny if my memory serves me right. Were you ever witness to the school playground rhyme? :

My Little Pony
Skinny and bony
Made out of plastic
Looks like a spastic.

See variations of this at Seedy Songs and Rotten Rhymes

Vicki Gausden said...

I am familiar with the rhyme but honestly, they used to be chubby. I had loads of them. The 'skinny' bit was added for horror value but has no become an actuality!