Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Long Time No Write

Apologies for my no show. I've been a busy person. This is a good thing but a tiring one. I've also been off galavanting around the Alps on holiday.

The image above is part of a series I'm doing for a clients website. Once the site is up and running I'll post the link.


kuoli(皞傑) said...

Your illustrations are interesting and fairy tale like...I really like this kind of style. I'm also sketching characters recently. Would you please visit my blog and give me comments if you have time??
Can you also share about how you can get such insteresting ideas?

kuoli(皞傑) said...

I'm also a member of, so I can find your page..Your illustration are really pure and cute.(fairy tale like) I like this kind of style so much. I'm also starting sketching characters recently. would you please come over to see my sketch blog and give some comments?? Would you please tell me how you can get such interesting ideas??