Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What's Your Secret?

This is a series of images produced as a fold-out book as part of my Masters degree studies. I'm particularly proud of Lassie.

The Secret Thought Fox

I've become interested in the area of children's books and my fox character is in need of a story. This was a test page to try and create a whole scene using my lettering and images. I'm going to have to tuck him in the back of my mind for now though as I've set myself the challenge of writing and illustrating my book 'The Crocodile Fence'. At the moment I'm reading everything I can about children's books and the old 'page turners'. So if I don't post here you know why!

Another Horse

This is the last one I will post. I'm particularly happy with the coat of the dapple grey- all done using my new Wacom tablet. I'm getting into shading and trying out new textures in my work. I still love my vast bold colours but I'd like to contrast this with tone and shadow.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The History of the Horse

These images are in response to a competition brief and the full pages have lettering included, I'll post these later when I have the full set. Consider this a sneak preview!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy New Year Folks...

Hope you've had a good one. I've been doing a bit of writing and thinking about the children's market. The images below are of my central character, The Secret Thought Fox, who will be starring in his own book shortly!

On the off chance that any children's book-type people are reading this (well you never know do you) I'm going to start posting out to publishers in the near future (i.e. when I've finished drawing the pictures!).